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Hi! My name is Megan and I am a self diagnosed bibliophile, lover of history, and a world traveler. You will always find me carrying  a book, or two, in my bag! A few years ago, I began to start dreaming about my future family. I really felt the desire to homeschool my children. I firmly believe that God will give you the desires of you heart according to His will. (Ps. 37:4-7; Prov 3:5-6) As I started picturing what I thought that would look like, I began to wonder how homeschool moms picked curriculum. More specifically, I wondered how they chose novels for their kids. Through all of this, a dream for a blog was born. As a teacher and a book lover, I knew that I could offer some insights into novels in hopes of helping parents pick books for their children.

Through the grace of God I have been able to launch this blog. My hope is that I can provide a positive, family-friendly, Christian perspective. I pray that this blog blesses you and your family.

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I have been a wife for a 3 years now and a momma for 17 months!! Over the last few months I really feel that the Lord has helped me to reshape my focus. In order to ensure that my time with the Lord and family come first, I am posting every few months with the goal being to post at least once a month.

I love receiving submissions to review books, but currently it is taking me sometime to get back to those of you who send in submissions. I apologize for this and I will try to be diligent in responding. I pray that you will understand where my heart is and continue to come back month after month.

Please note: all opinions are mine and some posts may contain affiliate links.