Hope is a Dangerous Place

Kelsey and Harmonie are your average teenagers. They attend school, play sports, hangout on the weekends. They enter their sophomore year of high school full of plans and expectations; they could not have imagined the adventure they would embark on all because of one little journalism assignment.

Ms. Montez is new to town and has expectations of her own. As the new English and Journalism teacher, she is excited to grow the young minds that sit in her room. She decides to have her three young journalism students investigate the history of the town.

Kelsey and Harmonie eagerly jump into their new assignment. As they begin to dig deeper and deeper into the town’s history, they find themselves in danger… multiple times. What happened to the town’s namesake? Why are people so determined to leave the past in the past? Kelsey and Harmonie will found out even if it hurts them.


-Female lead characters
-Father/daughter relationship
-A teacher’s drive to make her students feel seen
-The desire to see God move in the people of the town


-Some language, overall minor
-Kelsey and Harmonie are locked in the library when it is set on fire
-The sheriff is crooked
-Death by gunshot

This is book 1 in Jim Baton’s Hope Trilogy. While some very dramatic things happen to our leading ladies, at the end, the townsfolk are beginning to see the need for change.