Personalizing my Happy Planner Budget Section

If you follow me on instagram, there is no doubt that you have seen my love for my Happy Planner. I can’t help myself! When I first bought it, I posted a picture of my planner and my new inserts.

But once I finally started using it, I realized it wasn’t quite fitting all of my needs. The budget section needing the most modification. After I got past my desire for it to look super cute, I realized that I needed it to work for me. So, I personalized it… using white out!    It certainly has lost a little of the adorableness it had before, but let me tell you, it has been way more useful to me.

There are still some areas that do not quite fit how I need to write my budget. For example, I created a section for my hubby & me to have $100 of fun money a month. But there is not any space to itemize what we spend that money on, thus allowing us to ensure we stay in that budget. So, I started using sticky notes to help with that. 

You can also see where I modified it to fit our budget categories using my trusty white out.

All in all, I just wanted to share that while I want my planner to be super cute and live up to all the wonderfulness posted on Pinterest and instagram, I need it, first and foremost, to work for me!