Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part I & II

My husband stumbled upon these books through Alistair Begg’s ministry Truth for Life. He received Little Pilgrim’s Big Journey Part I as a gift for giving. He was very excited about it. He actually read the entire book, all 207 pages, to our son in one sitting. (Our son was 3 at the time!) Little man was riveted. We continued to read that book to him nightly for weeks!

I had only read a few chapters to little man when it was my time to do bedtime and most of those chapters had been from the beginning. But the time I had to read about Faithful’s execution I was in tears! (It still gets me!) Little man prefers part II because it is full of fighting and adventure.

These books are so well done. (Full disclosure: I have not read Pilgrim’s Progress but my husband has.) The pictures are full page spreads! The story is written in such a way that young children can understand. Each chapter has a summary and questions. We haven’t used these yet but I like that the book will grow with our son.

It is amazing how little things we have experienced through the day can be connected to the story. For example, my son was stomping around in a hole full of mud. He was making it really sticky and talking about how his feet were getting stuck. I told him that his hole reminded me of the Bog of Despond. He quickly agreed. When looking at Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, we all decided that someone’s dragon reminded us of Apollyon. These stories are ingrained in my son. We read them constantly! He never tires of the adventures and he never runs out of questions. It has been so sweet to share with my son the love of God for his people using these stories. I highly encourage you, regardless of the age of your children, to check out these books! They are not only incredible stories but the quality of the book will last for generations!

Lithos Kids Publishing currently has another book set to come out this Spring called The Kingdom of God! We have already preordered ours. Check out all of their material at