The Key House

What would you do if you discovered an underground tunnel in your backyard? Explore it of course! That is just want brothers Caleb and David do. Little do they know where this adventure will lead.

Caleb and David are playing in their new backyard when they discover a hole underneath their trashcans. Being the adventurous boys that they are, they check it out! They can’t believe what they find. Eager to learn more, they share their discovery with their parents only to learn that their great-great-grandfather was a pirate… maybe. The events unfold over the next several weeks and the boys find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a mystery where the alleged guilty party is their very own great-great-grandfather!

The Key House is an exciting tale perfect for any tween or teen boy who enjoys a good adventure wrapped up in mystery. One of the best things about this book is the relationship between the two brothers. Caleb, the eldest, is struggling with his pride and the way he finds himself treating David in public. Through the adventure, Caleb learns how to let go of that pride and see his family as very important.

Another strong point in this book is that there is no question that the Noland family is a believing family and like Paper Wolf, there is a very strong family theme. I enjoy reading a book where the family is written as a loving unit who support, encourage, and discipline. I will be adding this book to school library where I am the librarian. If you have a tween/teen boy, I would encourage you to check out this book.