When I’m Not Reading



Over the past 10 months, I have been studying and honing my homemaking skills. One area that I’ve always been good at is organization. I thought I was pretty stinkin good at it, until I discovered the Happy Planner! Now, I’m not saying that the Happy Planner has totally revamped my organizational process, but it has been WAY MORE FUN! (And I’ve only had it 2 days!)

Originally, I was keeping a planner and a homemaking binder, but once I moved my work station from the kitchen table to an actual desk, my binder got left behind. Literally & figuratively. My desk really is a old, 1950s vintage table and I had no way of keeping my binder on that space without it being in the way. I bought the Home Planner addition for my planner.


Needless to say, I totally fell off in keeping up with my October spending. Hopefully, with my new budget portion of my Happy Planner I hope to stay on top of this… again.